The “Mods”

The “Mods”


Overcoming the state’s progressive movement towards the hard-edged left, coupled with a primary system that allowed the fringes in both parties to drive outcomes.

Strategic Thinking

With data proving that most voters, given the chance, prefer moderate, results-oriented leadership, Townsend organized and ran the campaign that turned California into an “open primary” state, a crucial step in giving moderate candidates a chance. At the same time, recognizing that “knowledge is legislative power,” he built a sponsor-supported, non-lobbying policy team that gives caucus members a critical factual advantage. Finally, I Street Public Affairs’ partners have taken the lead in creating and deploying independent expenditure resources to support like-minded candidates.


A fivefold increase in caucus membership, matched by an increase from 20 sponsors to the current roster of 75 outstanding organizations.

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