Sky River Casino

Sky River Casino


The development of the Sky River Casino in Elk Grove presented a unique set of challenges, spanning from initial planning stages to the actual construction and opening. Some of the challenges included regulatory hurdles, community opposition, and logistical issues, along with navigating and addressing concerns from local residents and community groups regarding potential negative impacts.

Strategic Thinking

Addressing these challenges required a multifaceted strategic approach, involving detailed planning, community engagement, financial acumen, and adaptability to changing circumstances. Engaging with the community to build support and address concerns through outreach and public meetings. Demonstrating the economic benefits to the local economy, such as job creation and tourism, while addressing concerns about potential economic downsides. Hosting town hall meetings, public forums, and information sessions to provide clear, transparent information about the project. Clearly communicating the economic advantages of the project, including job creation, increased local revenue, and potential boosts to local businesses. Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the community through regular updates, continued feedback collection, and participation in local events and initiatives.


Utilizing the strategic approach, I Street Public Affairs partners, David Townsend, Joshua Wood, and their team were able to secure a compact between the State of California and the Wilton Rancheria Tribe without a single “no” vote in the legislature, and gained widespread support in the local and surrounding communities. Townsend was able to build a strong foundation of community support, mitigating opposition through active engagement, transparency, and a clear demonstration of the project’s benefits. This approach not only paved the way for the development of the Sky River Casino, but also integrated the project more harmoniously into the fabric of the community.

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