Diablo Canyon

Diablo Canyon


Historically fraught, Diablo Canyon’s planned 2025 closure was already a done deal. Then came the state’s rapid transition to renewable energy sources with the increasing risk of blackouts, and the critical requirement for a reliable “always-on” source of energy during peak demand periods.

Strategic Thinking

Reposition Diablo Canyon as part of the constellation of renewable energy technologies, highlight its ability to function when solar and wind do not, and make the point that keeping the lights on mandates its continuation. Deploy as part of an integrated digital and cable campaign to persuade the most vocal and important audiences—voters and policymakers alike.


State reauthorization of plant operation, and a $1.4 billion loan to the operator, by a vote of 67 to 3 in the Assembly and 31 to 1 in the state Senate. Federal regulators swiftly followed suit.

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