David Townsend

David, for more than 35 years, has created and directed winning multimedia, communications, political and public affairs campaigns.

He provides strategic consultation to corporations, statewide coalitions, elected officials and trade associations, in addition to directing state and local issue and candidate campaigns.

One of California’s top political experts, Mr. Townsend is called upon by Fortune 500 corporations, national and state trade associations, state and national political leaders, small businesses and individuals to provide strategic advice and communications consulting.

He has successfully managed California initiative campaigns, and has an 85% winning record.

Campaign and Public Affairs Experience

• Managed 86 issue campaigns
• Managed 18 statewide propositions
• Managed 54 candidate campaigns
• In total, an 85% winning record
• Has managed many campaigns with budgets in the tens of millions of dollars
• Currently serves as political advisor to the Senate and Assembly moderate Democrats, running the PAC and the California Issues Forum
• Was a member of Governor Brown’s strategy team in his 18% win over Whitman
• Has served as political and public affairs consultant to utilities, forest products companies, biotech companies, transportation authorities, developers, hospitals, doctor organizations, nursing homes, and health plans